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Carlson's Ridge
Carlson’s Ridge Homeowners' Association.

This website is devoted to providing the residents of Carlson's Ridge with up-to-date information and recent developments.

Declarations, Board meeting minutes, newsletters and more can also be accessed to the left.

The 2024 Board Members Are as Follows:
  President             Kathy Schatteman 
  Vice President    Jim Polito          
  Treasurer            Charlene Michalek
  Director               Jane Gregory

​  Director               Charlie Flanagan

At the November 7, 2023 homeowner's meeting the new budget was unanimously approved with an increase in common charges to $410.

 The newly elected board members are listed above and comprise a full board for the first time in several years. We thank all the new volunteers and wish them 

luck in their positions.  

All issues concerning the common areas or requests should be made to REI Property Management.

Crystal Koplar is our contact.  Her number is 860.482.0520 or 203.744.8400 x156 and her email is

Their website is:

Board Meetings for 2023 

Residents are welcome to attend any meeting.

All meetings are taking place at the Pettibone School at 2 Pickett District Road in the cafeteria.  

May11, 2023                 Monday August 21, 2023 3:30 PM
                                                                                               Thursday December 7, 2023 3:00 PM

Homeowner's Meetings for 2023 

July 14, 2023- 3 pm Friday Homeowners open discussion  - Pettibone Comm. Center Music Room


November 7, 2023 -  Tuesday at 3:30 PM Annual Homeowners Election of Officers  & Budget Ratification