Carlson's Ridge
Carlson’s Ridge Homeowner’s Association.

This website is devoted to providing the residents of Carlson's Ridge with up to date information and recent developments.

Minutes from the last board meeting can be accessed on the left. All newsletters can also be accessed.

Our annual homeowner's meeting was held on Dec. 4, 2018 . At this meeting the budget was approved.

 The Board Members Are As Follows:
President             Terry D'Andrea
Vice President     Bob Macklin
Secretary             vacant
Treasurer             Kathy Schatteman
Board Member    Jack Oxton

All issues concerning the common areas or requests should be made to REI Property Management.

Kent Humphrey is our contact and his number is 860-482-0520. His email is khumphrey@rei-pm.net

Their website is:  http://www.reipropertymanagement.net

Our board meetings  occur quarterly. The dates for 2019 are  below at 6:30 PM .  Residents are welcome to attend our meetings at any time. Please note there are different locations for certain dates.

Board Meetings for 2019 -6:30 PM

March 28, 2019  Library                          September 12,  2019  25 Church Street

June 18, 2019 Library
                                                   November 14,  2019  25 Church Street

There is a spring homeowner's meeting which is an informal discussion and an annual  business meeting.  

Homeowner's Meetings for 2019- 6:30 PM

April 23, 2019- open discussion

Dec. 3, 2019-budget and election of officers to board-
25 Church Street